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We have provided the investment concepts, terms, strategies, and practises so that you can trade in the market more effectively through our knowledge bank.


Online trading was introduced with the standardisation of share trading transactions, the establishment of the NSE, and the use of the internet and digital technology..


A trading account, also serves as a common platform for selling or purchasing securities like a bank account, serves . Securities are purchased using a trading account, which is then held in a Demat account. Payments are made via the linked bank account.


Online share trading entails purchasing and selling stocks via an online platform. You can buy and sell stocks, mutual funds, and bonds using your online share trading account.


Intraday trading is the buying and selling of stocks on the same day during the exchange's trading hours. Shares are strategically bought and sold in large numbers in order to book profits in a single day.


The Indian stock exchanges (NSE and BSE) are both active. Begin online share trading by consulting the share market tips and trading techniques provided.


When a privately held company raises funds from the general public in exchange for shares in the company. The shares are then traded in the stock market for the first time. The procedure is known as an Initial Public Offering.


Derivatives are a profitable financial instrument that enables investors to profit from market volatility. Using the benefit of leverage, you can make large gains by investing a smaller amount. The two most common types of derivatives are futures and options.


Before investing in a security, investors can conduct research to determine its potential. Fundamental and technical research are two types of analysis that are used to first analyse and then value security. All stock market tips are developed after extensive research.


Commodity trading is one of the pillars of the global trading system, involving the exchange of various commodities from the primary economic sector that serve as building blocks for production.