What is investment?

Fincap Consultants LLP

We are providing our best services for investment solutions. We possess a dedicated client base which is spread all over the country. Our commitment in providing complete customer’s satisfaction instead of running behind the volumes.

We are providing support to grow your business to new horizons. We are serving to our clients to achieve their investment objectives.

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International Indices

Indices Price Change
Hang Seng 18827.35 218.41
Nikkei 225 38900.02 253.91
Nasdaq 17496.82 -192.54
FTSE 100 8317.60 -21.60
Dow Jones 39065.26 -605.78

FII / MF / DII Activities

FII 1145.95 25/06/2024
MF -237.52 25/06/2024
DII -820.47 25/06/2024


USD 83.51 25/06/2024
GBP 105.65 25/06/2024
EURO 89.40 25/06/2024
YEN 52.28 25/06/2024

Welcomes To All Of You In The World Of Investment.

Just like the birds spreads their wings to fly to reach the sky, we trying our level best by spreads our wings of efforts to achieve or manage the investments of our clients …………